e-ISSN: 2149-3669
Founded: 2014
Publisher: Istanbul Ticaret University
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Intermedia E-Journal started its publication under the patronship of Istanbul Commerce University, Faculty of Communication and Media and Communication Departement in 2014. Intermedia as an international e-journal is aimed to be published bi annually i.e. in June and December each year.

As of the December 2023 issue, article applications to the journal have been updated as "always open".

Articles that are found to use artificial intelligence at any stage of the process are rejected by editorial decision.

In order to start the process, the following files must be uploaded in full.
- Full Text File (Word format, author, thesis, paper, project, ethics committee information should not be added)
- Copyright and Author Agreement (The document found on the journal homepage must be filled in, signed by all authors in pdf format https://dergipark.org.tr/tr/pub/intermedia/page/10014)
- Conflict of Interest Declaration (must be signed and pdf)
- Statement of financial support (must be signed and pdf)
- Ethics Committee Permission (signed pdf petition for studies that do not require it)
- Author Information file (must be in Word format)
- Author Contribution Ratio Statement (In studies with more than one author, the contribution of each author should be stated qualitatively and proportionally, signed and in pdf format, and uploaded by selecting the Authorship Contribution file type)
- Similarity Report (limitations: excluding citations, excluding references, less than 5 words)
All signed documents must be prepared in petition format.
For articles without Conflict of Interest and Financial Support, a signed declaration petition stating that there is no conflict of interest should be uploaded to the system.


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