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Founded: 1974
Publisher: İslam Medeniyeti Vakfı
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The Journal of Islamic Civilization (IMD) was first published in August 1967. In 1974, the Islamic Civilization Foundation was established in Üsküdar, Istanbul on behalf of the magazine, and the magazine was given an institutional start. He has been in publishing activity until September 1982 with 5 broadcasting periods; In this context, it has brought 44 issues to the academic world and related literature. IMD has made important contributions to the formation of a literature in this field by protecting the Islamic civilization, culture, art and literature. At this point, the publishing activities of the magazine were handled as Turkey, "the last bastion of Islam"; Islamic Civilization has been brought to the fore. In addition, at a time when discussions on Islamic economics took place, Islam and economics issues such as interest, banks, and workers' rights were also included in the magazine. Various studies have been included in a wide range of fields from economics to law and politics. The journal aimed to progress on a scientific ground by staying away from daily politics. Names such as Mahir İz, Sezai Karakoç, Ali Ulvi Kurucu, Salih Tuğ, Selçuk Eraydın, Esad Coşan, Ziya Kavakçı, Muhammed Hamidullah and Necmettin Erbakan are some of the thinkers who contributed to the magazine with their valuable articles.

Closing Date for Article Submission: November 30, 2024

2024 - Volume: 9 Issue: 51


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