ISSN: 2718-1057
e-ISSN: 2791-7665
Founded: 2020
Publisher: İstanbul Gelisim University
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ART/icle: Journal of Art & Design, (ISSN: 2718-1057 & e-ISSN: 2791-7665) was founded in 2020. ART/icle: Journal of Art & Design will be published by Istanbul Gelişim University Faculty of Fine Arts, twice a year, in June and December. It is an International Academic Refereed Journal. It will operate in accordance with the open access philosophy. Our aim is to create a common academic platform from different disciplines in the fields of Fine Arts and Design. Articles on plastic arts, graphic design, visual communication design, cartoon animation, new media, architecture, interior architecture, urban design, art education, art history, art philosophy and sociology, cinema and television, gastronomy and culinary arts, fashion and textile design, performing arts are accepted to ART/icle: Journal of Art & Design. The language of the journal is Turkish and English.

The article evaluation process in our journal is 60 days. Each article will be evaluated by at least two referees with a doctorate, and when there is an equality, such as an acceptance or a rejection, the third referee opinion will be requested. All processes will be carried out by the double blind method. No fees will be charged from the authors at any stage.


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ART/icle: Journal of Art and Design

ISSN: 2718-1057
e-ISSN: 2791-7665