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Founded: 2009
Publisher: Dicle University
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Dear researchers, the writing rules of our journal have changed. Please send your work according to our new writing rules and using the article template on our page.

Our International Refereed Journal, which started its publication as two issues a year in April 2009 and has been scanned in TR Index, has been published three times a year, in February, June and October since 2021. In our journal, academic studies prepared in the fields of social sciences such as "Literature, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Archeology, Art History, Theology, Economics, Business Administration, Communication, Journalism, International Relations, Law, Political Science, Public Relations", compilation and book reviews are included. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must not have been published elsewhere or sent for publication. More than one article by the same author(s) should not be included in the same number and consecutive issues. Our journal is scanned in indexes such as TR DIZIN, INDEX COPERNICUS, SOBIAD, ASOS, TURKISH EDUCATION INDEX.

Opening Date for Article Submission: August 1, 2024

2024 - Issue: 35

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19. Dillerin Eşitliği

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