ISSN: 2636-7734
e-ISSN: 2667-6974
Founded: 1935
Period: Quarterly
Publisher: Istanbul University
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Istanbul Law Review is a publication of Istanbul University, Faculty of Law.  

Istanbul Law Review is a quarterly, academic, peer reviewed journal which publishes articles in Turkish and English. Istanbul Law Review publishes articles, judicial reviews, legislation analysis’, publication criticism, translations which involves in law and law related subjects, and are based on genuine theoretical and practical academic research and suitable for national and international scale.

Istanbul Law Review involves in publications which are (i) capable of expanding theory and enhancing theoretical basis, (ii) analyzing either academic or judicial methodology, (iii) scrutinizing legal theory, practice, process, symbols etc. effecting society on private or public levels, (iv) exploring the subject in legal, sociological, political, psychological, philosophical, ethical, geographical and historical manner.

All expenses of the journal are covered by the Istanbul University. Processing and publication are free of charge with the journal. There is no article processing charges or submission fees for any submitted or accepted articles. 

2022 - Volume: 80 Issue: 4

Research Article

3. Belirli Mal Bırakmada Yarar ve Hasarın Geçişi (TMK m. 518/I)

Research Article

5. Roma Hukukunda Mirasçılık Vasfının Şartları

Research Article

6. Şok Zarara Uğrayan Kişi Tazminat İsteminde Bulunulabilir Mi?

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