Volume: 23 Issue: 2, 8/31/18

Year: 2018

Research Articles

Survey Articles


30.03.2021-Beginning with our April 2021 (26/1) issue, in accordance with the new criteria of TR-Dizin, the Declaration of Conflict of Interest and the Declaration of Author Contribution forms fulfilled and signed by all authors are required as well as the Copyright form during the initial submission of the manuscript. Furthermore two new sections, i.e. ‘Conflict of Interest’ and ‘Author Contribution’, should be added to the manuscript. Links of those forms that should be submitted with the initial manuscript can be found in our 'Author Guidelines' and 'Submission Procedure' pages. The manuscript template is also updated. For articles reviewed and accepted for publication in our 2021 and ongoing issues and for articles currently under review process, those forms should also be fulfilled, signed and uploaded to the system by authors.