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Purpose and Scope

C.U Faculty of Education Journal is a refereed academic journal, which publishes quantitative and qualitative research on current issues in all fields of education. Additionally, some of the critical and up-to-date topics related to education that are discussed from the theoretical perspectives, and the results of the practical studies are also published in the journal. In this context, original works of qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method studies of different fields of education (educational sciences, foreign languages ​​education, social science and Turkish education, fine arts education, basic education, science, and mathematics education, computer and instructional technology education and special education) are being published. It is expected that the studies to be accepted in the journal should provide new and unique contributions to the theoretical and practical aspects of education. The language of the journal is Turkish and English. English versions of articles must also be submitted once the submitted articles in Turkish are accepted for the publication in the journal. The author (s) are required to make proofreading for the English version. Articles initially written in English are also accepted for the submission.

Opening Date for Article Submission: July 15, 2024

2024 - Volume: 53 Issue: 1

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