The Journal of Interdisciplinary Research  (JIER) is a well-established and international journal published by the original research and review articles aimed at contributing to the study of educational sciences. The journal is published twice a year (July and December). Articles submitted for publication in the journal can be written in Turkish and English languages. The articles submitted to the journal must have not been published in another journal or sent for publication. In order for the articles to be published in the journal, a positive report must be provided by the referees. The authors are deemed to have accepted the transfer of their publishing rights to JIER. JIER does not charge for article processing fee (evaluation fee or printing fee) and access to articles.

The Aim of The Journal

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Educational Researches (JIER) published by the Interdisciplinary Educational and Research Association (JIER)A) is an internationally eminent journal.

JIER, a nonprofit, nonprofit NGO, is concerned with improving the education system within the context of its corporate objectives and social responsibility policies. JIER, has the potential to solve educational problems and has a strong gratification for the contributions of qualified scientific researchers.

JIER has the purpose of serving the construction of an education system that can win the knowledge and skills that each individual should have firstly in our country and then in the world. In addition, JIER serves to disseminate the academic work that contributes to the professional development of teachers and academicians, offering concrete solutions to the problems of all levels of education, from preschool education to higher education.

JIER has the priority to contribute to more qualified school practices. Creating and managing content within this context will help to advance towards the goal of being a "focus magazine" and "magazine school", and will also form the basis for a holistic view of educational issues. It also acts as an intermediary in the production of common mind for sustainable development and education