Ensuring a Blind Review

Authors are responsible for removing any information from their manuscripts that might lead a reviewer to discern their identities or affiliations.

1. Mask the Title Page Attached to Manuscript Masking the title page is simply a matter of omitting identifying information. The title page attached to the manuscript should contain three pieces of information:  Running head  Article title  Date of submission

2. Create SEPARATE FILE with Author-Identifying Title Page – DO NOT attach or upload with manuscript A title page with full identifying information should be created as a separate file and uploaded for the editor’s eyes only. This page should include the following information:

 Full name and institution/university for each co-author

 E-mail address for each co-author

 Name of designated Corresponding Author, with full contact information (e-mail and physical address, telephone and fax numbers)

 Authors’ Note, including current position of each co-author  Acknowledgments, including funding statement

 Date of submission

3. Mask Location and University Affiliation 

4. Mask Authors’ Self-Citations of Published Work 

5. Last Step: Removing Meta-Data Hidden in Electronic Files

The Aim of The Journal

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Educational Researches (JIER) published by the Interdisciplinary Educational and Research Association (JIER)A) is an internationally eminent journal.

JIER, a nonprofit, nonprofit NGO, is concerned with improving the education system within the context of its corporate objectives and social responsibility policies. JIER, has the potential to solve educational problems and has a strong gratification for the contributions of qualified scientific researchers.

JIER has the purpose of serving the construction of an education system that can win the knowledge and skills that each individual should have firstly in our country and then in the world. In addition, JIER serves to disseminate the academic work that contributes to the professional development of teachers and academicians, offering concrete solutions to the problems of all levels of education, from preschool education to higher education.

JIER has the priority to contribute to more qualified school practices. Creating and managing content within this context will help to advance towards the goal of being a "focus magazine" and "magazine school", and will also form the basis for a holistic view of educational issues. It also acts as an intermediary in the production of common mind for sustainable development and education