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Founded: 2014
Period: Monthly
Publisher: Kafkas University
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The Journal of the Faculty of Theology of Kafkas University is a peer-reviewed journal and is published every year in January and July. The publication language of our journal is Turkish, and English and Arabic articles can also be published.
Articles sent to the Journal of the Faculty of Theology of Kafkas University must not have been previously published in another journal or sent for publication. In addition, thanks to a special program used in plagiarism detection, whether the articles have been published before and their plagiarism rates (not exceeding 15%) are determined. In this context, the number of words sent to our Journal, especially in copyrighted articles, should not exceed 14,000 words, excluding footnotes. Articles submitted to our journal are evaluated by at least two referees for scientific review, according to the principles of "double-blind, independent and unbiased refereeing".
For the articles published in our journal, no royalties are paid to the authors/authors of the articles or a publication fee is requested from them.
Article Writing and Publishing Principles of our journal are located in the Announcements section of the Journal Park System. (
For the New Issue of the Journal of the Faculty of Theology of Kafkas University (Volume: 9 - Issue: 18) The Deadline for Submission of the Article is May 30, 2022. The new issue of our journal will be published in July 2022.
Submission Date: Start: July 25, 2022 End: November 25, 2022

2022 - Volume: 9 Issue: 18

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