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ISSN 1302-6488 | Period Quarterly | Founded: 2000 | Publisher Anadolu University |



Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

ISSN 1302-6488 | Period Quarterly | Founded: 2000 | Publisher Anadolu University |
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Volume 20 - Issue 2 - Apr 2019
  1. From The Editor
    Pages 1 - 3
    T.Volkan YUZER
  2. Comparative Study SPOC vs. MOOC for Socio-Technical Contents from Usability and User Satisfaction
    Pages 4 - 20
    Giovani Lemos De CARVALHO JUNIOR, Daniel Cebrian ROBLES, Manuel Cebrian De la SERNA, Manuela Raposo RIVAS
  3. Using Study Times for Identifying Types of Learners in a Distance Training for Trainee Teachers
    Pages 21 - 45
    Klaus D. STILLER, Regine BACHMAIER
  4. The Role of Social Networks in Supporting Collaborative e-Learning Based on Connectivism Theory among Students of PNU
    Pages 46 - 63
    Hanan A. ALZAIN
  5. Using Blended Learning in Postgraduate Applied Statistics Programs
    Pages 64 - 77
    Jahar BHOWMIK, Denny MEYER, Brian PHILLIPS
  6. Development of The Academics’ E-Readiness Questionnaire (ARQ) for Medical Universities
    Pages 78 - 88
    Nahid ZARIFSANAIEY, Seyede Shima KARANJAM, Mohammad Hossein KAVEH, Manoosh MEHRABI
  7. Integrating Digital Libraries into Distance Education: A Review of Models, Roles, And Strategies
    Pages 89 - 104
    Christopher M. OWUSU-ANSAH, Antonio da Silva RODRIGUES, Thomas B. van der WALT
  8. Distance Education and Vocabulary Podcasting Tasks: Attitude in Focus
    Pages 105 - 120
    Atefeh ELEKAEI, Hossein Heidari TABRIZI, Azizeh CHALAK
  9. Do Social Students Use Social Media More Often?
    Pages 121 - 133
    Ahmet KESICI
  10. Understandings of Exploratory Search for Educational Search Engine
    Pages 134 - 146
  11. The Utilization of Mobile Devices for Improving Access to Online Learning for Distance Education’s Students
    Pages 147 - 161
    Dewi PADMO, Olivia IDRUS, Lidwina Sri ARDIASIH
  12. The Prospects and Constraints of Integrating Social Media into the Nigerian Higher Educational System: Students’ and Lecturers’ Perspectives
    Pages 162 - 175
    Kwase Audu DOGARI, Oberiri Destiny APUKE
  13. The Effectiveness of E-Learning Environment in Developing Academic Achievement and the Attitude to Learn English among Primary Students
    Pages 176 - 194
    Afaf M. ALJASER
  14. The Evaluation of Learning Management Systems by Using Fuzzy AHP, Fuzzy TOPSIS and an Integrated Method: A Case Study
    Pages 195 - 218
    Yasemin ALTUN TURKER, Kasim BAYNAL, Turgay TURKER
  15. REVIEW:Mobile Technologies and Augmented Reality in Open Education
    Pages 219 - 222
    Hakan KILINC
  16. REVIEW: Extramural English in Teaching and Learning: From Theory and Research to Practice
    Pages 223 - 226
    Ismail YAMAN, Mustafa SAHIN