e-ISSN: 2651-3188
Founded: 1925
Publisher: Istanbul University
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Journal of Turkology - Türkiyat Mecmuası is the publication of Istanbul University Research Institute of Turkology. It is an open access, scholarly, peer-reviewed and international journal published in June and December. The journal was founded in 1925. Publication languages of the journal are Turkey Turkish, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Turkish, Tatar Turkish, French, Russian, German, English.

Journal of Turkology - Türkiyat Mecmuası aims to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge through publication of high quality articles in accordance with the international publishing standards and contribute to the scientific community in the field of turkology.

The journal publishes studies in the fields of Turkish Language, Turkish Literature, Turkish History, Turkish Art and Turkish Culture in general.

2023 - Volume: 33 Issue: 1