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Our journal is an international 3 mutually blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes four issues a year in March, June, September, and December. Publication language is Turkish and English.  It is recommended that our authors use the first upload template from the Documents menu when uploading articles, leave a line space between each reference when creating bibliography, and bibliographies, books, articles, theses, etc. We kindly ask you to sort them in a single block, in order of surname, without making any distinctions.

Note: The articles submitted in English in our journal are given priority in the processes and publication.

Volume 15, Issue 3: Our new issue has been published.

Volume 15, Issue 4: Submission Deadline: 15.10.2022
Volume 15, Issue 3: Extended English summary application has been started for Turkish articles to be published.

Volume 15/3: Submission deadline: 01 August (Our Fall issue will cover the theme of Climate change, and articles submitted in English will be preferred. Our Fall issue will cover the theme of Climate change, and articles submitted in English will be preferred.)

The similarity rate should be less than 20 percent and the similarity of each reference should be no more than 1%.

English articles and works with Comparative Urban Analysis content about world cities are our preference.

Only research and review articles are accepted in our journal.

2022 - Volume: 15 Issue: 3

Research Article

14. A Review on Gaziantep Architectural Manzumes

Research Article

Değirmencik Köyünün (Safranbolu) Kırsal Turizm Potansiyelinin Araştırılması

Research Article

Green Areas as an Important Component of Place Attachment: Kuzguncuk Orchard

Research Article

Contemporary Space Designs at the Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory, Renovated with Educational Functions

Research Article

Kentsel Rekreasyon Alanlarında Zehirli Bitki Kullanımları: Simav-Kütahya Örneği

Research Article

İçme Suyu Şebekelerinde Kayıp Kaçak Seviyesinin Belirlenmesi: Merzifon İlçesi Örneği

Research Article

Personal Space Preferences Depending on Behaviour at A Psychiatric Hospital Garden


Çevre Hakkının Katılım Boyutu İklim Kriziyle Mücadelede Sağlıklı Kentler Hareketinin Rolü

Research Article

Üniversite Yerleşkelerinde Gürültü Kirliliğinin Ölçülmesi: Ordu Üniversitesi Cumhuriyet Yerleşkesi Örneği

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