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Our journal is an international 3 mutually blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes four issues a year in March, June, September, and December. Publication language is Turkish and English.  It is recommended that our authors use the first upload template from the Documents menu when uploading articles, leave a line space between each reference when creating bibliography, and bibliographies, books, articles, theses, etc. We kindly ask you to sort them in a single block, in order of surname, without making any distinctions.

Note: The articles submitted in English in our journal are given priority in the processes and publication. In the assignment and reassignment table to our journal, authors who have cited in A1 or 1A group journals are given a certificate of appreciation for their contributions to our journal. This document is published on the social media page of our journal and on our portal page at

Vol 15, Issue 1 (2022/1):  This issue has been completed. New incoming articles can be published at the earliest, in Volume 15, Issue 2.

Vol 15, Issue 2 (2021/2 ): Open

Architecture Symposium Special Issue: Preparation continues.

The similarity rate should be less than 20 percent and the similarity of each reference should be no more than 1%.

English articles and works with Comparative Urban Analysis content about world cities are our preference.

Only research and review articles are accepted in our journal.

2021 - Volume: 14 Issue: 4

Research Article

Yaşayan Tarih: Savaş Alanları Turizmi ve Yeniden Canlandırma Toplulukları Örneği

Research Article

Tillo geleneksel evlerinin fiziksel ve fonksiyonel kullanımlarının değerlendirilmesi

Research Article

Immersive Virtual Reality IVR, And The Appreciatıon Of Architectural Aesthetics

Research Article

UNESCO Dünya Miras Geçici Listesi Bağlamında Kuşadası Eleştirisi ve Var Olmamış Bir Ceneviz Kolonisi: Scalanova

Research Article

Üsküdar’ın Kent İmgeleri Bağlamında Okunması

Research Article


Research Article

Covid-19 Pandemisi Sürecinde Tarihi Kent Dokusunda Mimari Stüdyo Deneyimi; Atatürk Üniversitesi Mimari Proje Stüdyosu VII

Research Article

Kent Parklarının Biyofilik Tasarım Kriterlerine Göre Yenilenmesi: İskenderun Millet Parkı Örneği

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