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Founded: 2018
Period: Biannually
Publisher: Reşat ŞAKAR
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As of 2022, our journal will accept articles according to APA 7 citation rules. The works that are not sent in accordance with the rules will be returned. Click here to access the APA 7 citation rules.

         Dear Researchers,
International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Researches (UDEKAD) is an international peer-reviewed journal. In our journal, original research articles, article translations, book introductions and criticisms on language, literature and culture researches are included. UDEKAD is a journal that publishes in Turkish, English and Russian languages. Our journal does not accept number-oriented articles. Numbers are assigned according to the quota by placing the incoming articles in order. The ninth issue of our journal will be published as December 2022 and the article acceptance has been started. After the articles submitted to our journal, which adopts the blind arbitration policy, are checked in terms of spelling rules, they are sent to at least two referees. Articles submitted to our journal are subject to plagiarism screening. Therefore, you should also submit the Ithenticate similarity report with your work. Please check the author guide before sending your work to our journal. Please follow our announcements page for current announcements of our journal.
For questions, comments and suggestions, please write to udekadjournal@gmail.com

2022 - Volume: 5 Issue: 1

Research Article

Çeviri ve Diplomasi İlişkisi Bağlamında Türkiye’de Yayınlanan Dijital Diplomasi Konulu Doktora Tezlerinin Dedüktif Analizi

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* It is important for our referees to enter their fields of expertise in detail in terms of assigning referees in the process.

* The articles sent to our journal can only be withdrawn by giving reasons during the preliminary evaluation process. It is not possible to withdraw the articles that have started the evaluation process. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you good work.