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According to the TR Dizin 2020 criteria, while the studies that require ethics committee approval (see Ethical Principles and Publication Policy) are sent to our journal, the relevant board decision should also be uploaded in pdf format. Otherwise, the articles will not be accepted. In addition, while uploading the article, the "plagiarism report" (Turnitin, Ithenticate, etc.) of the article must be uploaded to the system as an additional file (pdf).

All authors who wish to submit articles to our journal should carefully read the spelling rules section and should not submit their work without arranging them according to these rules and template.

Our journal does not have an issue-specific article acceptance procedure. No issue, referee, time and publication guarantee can be given for the manuscripts submitted to our journal for evaluation, and the terms of publication depend entirely on the completion of the referee process, the permission of the authorized boards / commissions and the editor, and the publication date of the appropriate issue. Our journal cannot publish more than a certain number of articles in each issue. Therefore, even the works whose all processes are completed are waiting for the appropriate numbers to be published and published in the appropriate number, first by the finalization date of the processes and then by the date of submission.

2024 - Volume: 26 Issue: 1

Research Article

19. Tarihi Türküler Bağlamında Şıpka Muharebeleri


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