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Founded: 2016
Publisher: Cukurova University
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Distinguished scientists,

Çukurova University Journal of Turkology Research (ÇÜTAD) has started to accept articles for June 2023 (8/1) issue. You can upload your research articles, translations, biography and book review to the system at until 23.59 on the 31st of March 2022.

The works to be sent to ÇÜTAD should be prepared according to the principles in the Writing Rules section. The manuscripts section contains an article and copyright form in .doc format that can be downloaded by clicking the relevant link for the authors. The draft has been opened to prevent transmission errors that may arise in the layout work done outside the control of the author. The author should send his work into this draft text by copying it.

You can access information about the directories and databases that ÇÜTAD has been scanned by clicking the relevant symbols in the right column.

The article evaluation statistics of ÇÜTAD dated 2022/12/29 are as follows:

Articles in Process: 12

Articles Published: 199

Articles Rejected: 202

Articles Withdrawn: 38

Articles Returned: 14

                Prof. Dr.  A. Deniz ABİK

2022 - Volume: 7 Issue: 2