Selim Hilmi ÖZKAN Prof. Dr. Yıldız Technical University, Education Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
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Social and Historical Essentials of Education History Education History of Ottoman Economy Ottoman Institutions and Civilization Intellectual History of Ottoman Ottoman Central Organization Ottoman Field Service Ottoman Society Balkan History Ottoman History


Selim Hilmi Ozkan is Professor of History at the Yildiz Technical University. He is currently working on the Ottoman diplomacy and Ottoman foreign policy. His most recent publications include “Reasons for Migration of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire before 1915”, African and Asian Studies, 19, 3, (2020), 282-305; and “Arms Smuggling across Ottoman Borders in the Second Half of the 19th Century” Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 18, 3, (2016), 297-312. He is currently working on a book project: Migrations and Migration Routes from Cebel-i Lebanon to United States of America End of Nineteenth Centuries.


Yıldız Technical University, Education Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey
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