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Publisher: Dokuz Eylul University
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Dear Researchers;

The Buca Faculty of Education Journal accepts various types of research articles, including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method studies, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and meta-synthesis studies. It is an internationally peer-reviewed journal published online four times a year in March, June, September, and December.

Prof. Dr. Kemal YÜRÜMEZOĞLU.

The Editor of the Journal

It is important to consider the following issues while submitting articles to our journal:

- Authors (whether one or more authors) are allowed to publish a maximum of two articles per year in our journal.

- According to the criteria of the Ulakbim TR Index, it is mandatory to upload a document to the system indicating that ethical approval has been obtained for studies conducted after 2020.

- Articles must be scanned by plagiarism programs before submitting to the journal, and a plagiarism report showing that the similarity rate is at most 15% must be uploaded to the system.

- The article sent to our journal for evaluation should not be submitted to any other journal for evaluation at the same time. As soon as a situation contrary to this issue is detected, the article will be returned to the author(s), regardless of the stage of the evaluation.

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2024 - Issue: 59